I Love You to the Moon

I Love You to the Moon
Being a Mother is the greatest blessing of my life ~

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Author: Allia Zobel Nolan
ISBN: 978-0-310-72263-2
SRP: $6.99
Rating: :) :) :) :) :)
I really enjoy reading this book to my son, Caleb.  It reminds me of what Caleb and I do on a daily basis, and that is...to be thankful for all that God gives us in this life to enjoy. When we go on walks together, we like to point out Gods beauty that we see around us like...leaves on the trees that are turning a beautiful shade of red, orange or yellow. Looking up at the sky and seeing that the sun has turned a lovely orange-pink with a hint of yellow.  Seeing the squirrels hurry around gathering their nuts and enjoying the day.  Or birds singing sweet songs of praise as the fly so elegantly across the sky.  All of these things make my heart smile, and Caleb's too.  That's why I like 'Hugs & Kisses, God' so much.
This book is a Lift-The-Flap Book.  Fun for kids ages 3 & up.  The children in this book are children from all over the world who are learning and understanding how to be thankful for everyday gifts that God gives them.  Saying your prayers in the morning before you do anything else - is showing God you love him.  Being thankful for the food you eat - is showing God you love him.  Smelling fragrant flowers along the way - is showing God you love him.  Helping a friend and showing that you care - is showing God you love him.  Blowing bubbles and catching fireflies, along with sparkling stars that light up the sky...are all ways that children say - Thank you God for this day.  Learning about God's word - is showing God you love him.  These children are giving Hugs & Kisses up to the Lord for all that He has done.
I highly recommend this book for all young readers.
Reviewed by: Melissa Staehli