I Love You to the Moon

I Love You to the Moon
Being a Mother is the greatest blessing of my life ~

Friday, November 1, 2013

November - Adoption Month ~

As I put my sweet baby boy to bed this evening, I was thanking the Lord for Caleb's precious little life, and what a blessing he is to me.  I was also giving thanks to the Lord for his birth mother who chose LIFE for Caleb, and chose me to be his mother.  For that I will always be grateful.  I can't imagine my life without him.

I wrote my very first poem July 2, 1999 called "To You Oh Lord." I was sitting in my car during my lunch hour praying for my baby (mind you...there was no talk about adoption at this point in my life) I felt at that moment I needed a pen and paper so I could write down what my heart was feeling. So I did, and this is what I wrote.  ( this was my hearts cry to the Lord ) -

I humbly bow right now, before Your holy throne,
and offer up a heartfelt prayer, for a child of my own.
Oh, to look upon his glorious face, and into his blue eyes.
To give a sweet kiss upon his lips, and place his hands in mine.
I'd rock him in my arms of love until he fell asleep.
I'd hold him closely to my heart, and pray he sleeps in peace.
My voice will sing praises unto Your wonderful name,
thanking you Lord, for this precious child, this gift you freely gave.
Don't worry Lord, I won't forget to dedicate his life to you,
for you are the one, who gave me my son,
so now, I give him to you.

That was my prayer and hearts cry to the Lord for my baby.  I didn't know where my baby was going to come from, but I knew my baby was in my heart.  I needed to be still and wait upon the Lord for an answer. I wrote this poem July 2, 1999 and 7 years later to the day ( July 2, 2006 ) Caleb's birth mother went into labor with him! God is good and he does hear our prayers.

Caleb is now 7 years old and all boy!  He loves - Soccer, Swimming and Baseball.  Caleb has a big heart! He enjoys giving to others.  He is kind and compassionate towards people.  Caleb is doing very well in school. He is in first grade and learning all kinds of wonderful things.  It has been a wonderful 7 years watching Caleb grow up.  Every stage of his life has been a blessing to me.  I will continue to enjoy every moment of Caleb's journey in this life.

Children are such a blessing and a GIFT from God.  My heart smiles every day because Caleb is in it! :-)

Many Blessings,

Melissa ~

Author of - I Love You to the Moon / Charlie's Gingerbread House